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 Ert's Application [Trial]

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Location : Holland
Game Applied : CSS
Registration date : 2008-08-14

Ert's Application [Trial] Empty
PostSubject: Ert's Application [Trial]   Ert's Application [Trial] EmptyThu 14 Aug - 6:19

Game applied for: CSS

Real Name: Erwin

Date of Birth: 23-08-1994

Email Address:

Connection Speed: Cable/Fiber 10M

XFire Login (if appropriate):Ertmans (Never online)

In-game login name (for buddy lists, Steam name): ertmans

Previous Clans & Guilds / Clan & Guild Experience: Much clans and much war experience know all

maps exept de_contra

How/where you found out about us:Just randommly joining a server

Why you want to join us:Im looking for an active and skilled clan that plays wars and wanna have fun.
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Maj-Gen* (Co-Clan Leader)
Maj-Gen* (Co-Clan Leader)

Number of posts : 113
Location : Manchester England
Game Applied : Counter Strike Source
Registration date : 2008-07-04

Ert's Application [Trial] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ert's Application [Trial]   Ert's Application [Trial] EmptyThu 14 Aug - 6:26

Hey man, nice you decided to join.

In a change from our normal recruiting system, (which will remain like this from now on) you can add the Rct tags to your STEAM and In-game name and we will fully accept you when we decide that you can join.

Remember to be active on the server, forums and teamspeak server.

Have fun and Good Gaming

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Ert's Application [Trial]
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